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Rainbow Bar

June 25, 26, & 27, 2010

Use the link below to go to the Form for Registration & Purchase of Bomber Stuff
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R2K+10 Registration Form

The running list of Advance Registrations is available from the following link.

List of R2K+10 Attendees

Rainbow Bar

Friday (June 25)
2:00 PM Registration Pick up in the Gym Lobby
5:00 PM Chili Feed in the Cafeteria
7:30 PM Opening of the Military Tribute in the Gym Lobby
8:00 to 10:00 PM "Sock Hop" dance in the Bomber Gym

Saturday (June 26)
6:00 AM Pancake Breakfast at Jefferson Park
9:00 AM Registration Pick up in the Gym Lobby
11:00 AM All Bombers Picture in the Bomber Gym
2:00 to 4:00 PM All Bomber Alumni Basketball Game in the Bomber Gym
5:00 PM Dinner catered by Tony Roma's in the Cafeteria

Sunday (June 27)
11:00 AM Picnic at Howard Amon Park - No Charge - Bring your own Food and drink.

Rainbow Bar

WARNING: ALL rooms that have been set aside by the R2K committee, will be released
from set aside status either the first of June or around the 25th of May.


There are so many things going on that weekend, 7th Day Adventist day conference,
Huge Softball tournament, Large Soccer tournament, Cool Desert Nites Car Show,
Go Karts, Class Reunions, PLUS R2K+10.

All Motels & Hotels are in Richland, unless indicated otherwise.

Bali Hi---book rooms online for a cheaper rate ($45.00)-Bali Hi Motel (509) 943-3101

Clarion Inn---72 rooms set aside for the Richland High School All Class Reunion, $85.00 and up (509) 946-4121

Courtyard by Marriott---10 rooms set aside, $120 to $130 price range (509) 942-9400

Days Inn---20 rooms set aside, maybe more, with Continental Breakfast, singles $64.00-doubles $67.00 (509) 943-4611

Economy Inn---Singles $49.50 Doubles $55.00 (509) 946-6117

Hampton Inn---20 rooms set aside, range is $115 to $135 (509) 943-4400

Holiday Inn Express at the Wye---Queen $179.00 a busy week end but some rooms may be available, call early
(509) 737-8000

Holiday Inn Express at Rd 68 and I-182 in Pasco---All rooms are booked but they will set aside any that come available due to cancellations -- check with the Hotel -- $119 for kings and $129 for a double
(509) 543-7000

Shilo Inn---12 rooms set aside, they are kitchen suite or Jacuzzi suite rooms and are $156.00 to $186.00, some singles and double rooms may come available 1-800-222-2244

Sleep Inn at Rd 100 and I-182 in Pasco---singles $95.00 doubles $115.00 (509) 545-9554

Rainbow Bar


Anyone that played on a basketball team for the Bombers and would like to play in
an Alumni Game, please contact either Jim Castleberry or Kathy HOFF Conrad.
Guys or Gals, we would like to have 2 or 3 games.


Anyone that is a veteran and would like to wear his or her uniform or a military hat or cap
at the Military Ceremony, please by all means, do so.

Club 40 Bar

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